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About the firm

The firm was founded in 1974 and consists of a staff of 12, including 5 CPAs and 4 economists/business consultants. The firm is a member of Alliott International, an international network of CPAs and business consultants, with 215 branches in 50 nations worldwide.
Alliott International is the one of the 20th largest organization of its kind in the world.
The firm’s professional team consists of graduates in accounting, economics and
business administration, possessing 30 years of rich and varied experience in their areas of operation, both in the business sector and in the non-profit sector.
Our firm possesses regular cooperation agreements with various consulting and operational entities, specializing in additional areas, thereby enabling us to staff each and every project – as necessary – with a comprehensive inter-disciplinary team.

Reach the full potential of your business!

Let us deal with what we're best at, so you can focus on managing and promoting your business.

Investigative Auditing

Investigative auditing aims to prevent (as much as possible) fraud, embezzlement, errors and irregularities in the organization.

Establishment of businesses and private companies

Opening files in the tax authorities, and ongoing accompaniment throughout construction

Business Consulting

With you hand by hand, to leverage your business activities

Financial Statements Audit

Professional opinion regarding the submission of financial statements for private companies


For self-employed, small businesses, partnerships and private companies.

Annual reports

Reporting and submitting annual reports to the tax authorities.

Part of a professional group…

Our firm is a member of the international accounting firm Alliot Group. Which ensures to all our customers, service at international standard and with great professionalism. Thanks to our membership in the Group, we receive professional services from the leading companies in Israel and abroad in accounting, tax planning, and even areas related to accounting, such as pension planning, business consulting and more. In addition, we have a national office – Hibah and Almakis Cohen – which is considered to be the leading tax planning firm, one of the best in Israel for any questions that arise. So it ensures first-class professionalism and international standard service!

Among our customers:

What do our customers say about us?

Oded Plus
CEO / Ministry of Religious Services

Accountant Yaakov Cooperberg,
I would like to thank you and the staff that accompanied you personally in the firm for your mission, for your expectations
and your success in the tasks assigned to you. I am confident that such tasks are not suitable for every CPA and you have added value beyond others.

Elhanan Wasserman
CEO / Baby Tech Company

Our company is accompanied by your firm in business and marketing consulting in the development of its business, and your service is done with great expertise, including obtaining support from outside parties, and preparing business plans and ongoing business and marketing consulting to this day.

David Hasilevich
CEO / Autotest Technologies Ltd.

The firm cooperates with the company's activities and contributes to its proper management.

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