Auditing ,taxation, internal auditing and accounting

Auditing and Taxation

Provision of auditing and tax planning services for companies, individuals and non-profit organizations.

Bookkeeping and Treasury

Provision of external bookkeeping and treasury services for companies, individuals and non-profit organizations, including the handling of personnel wages and salaries on a large scale.

Tax return service for employees and self – employeds

 Quick procedure for maximum tax  benefits.

Internal Auditing and ADP

Provision of internal auditing and ADP auditing services, both as an appointed internal auditor as well as in the performance of outsourcing of internal audit services, on behalf of the Internal Auditing Departments of large organizations.

We provide outsourcing services for the internal auditors of: The Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the municipalities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Givatayim  and Ramat-Gan.

Investigative Auditing

Within this framework, we operate as an appointed investigator, under the authority of the Investigative Committee Law.

Our clients include:  The Societies Registrar at the Ministry of Justice.

Comprehensive Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Unique specialty in providing comprehensive services for non-profit organizations:

Accounting, bookkeeping and treasury, internal auditing and ADP, consulting and representation in the allocation of funds from government ministries and public entities, recovery and marketing programs.

Auditing Services and Economic Studies for Government Ministries

Provision of auditing services and economic studies for government ministries. 
Our clients include:

The Prime Minister’s Office:   

  • Auditing of supported fellowships and societies.

Ministry of trade & Industry:

  • Auditing of companies receiving R&D grants on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist.
  • Auditing of “Approved   Enterprises” on behalf of the Investments Center.
  • Auditing of export services on behalf of the Service Exporting Unit.
  • Auditing of Approved Laboratories.

Ministry of Finance:

  • Auditing of pension funds on behalf of the Capital Market Commissioner.
  • Auditing of government supported societies

Ministry of the Interior: 

  • Auditing of local municipalities
  • Accompanying Comptroller of municipalities

The State Controller: 

  • Auditing of political parties in accordance with the Political Party  Funding Law.

Comprehensive Services for Municipalities

Auditing and formulation of financial statements, management of the accounting system, management of the wage network, preparation of quarterly and annual reports for the authorities.  Guidance and support for the municipality in conducting negotiations with government ministries, monitoring and handling of the receipt of all entitled participation and grants from government ministries.

Mr. Kuperberg serves as the Ministry of Interior’s  nomination as accompanying comptroller of the city of Or Akiva.

Our clients include: The municipalities of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Givatayim, Hod-Hasharon, Carmiel, Tel-Mond, Kfar-Yona, Kfar-Kassem, Bet-Arieh and the Middle Arava Regional Council.

Municipal Taxation

Our firm specializes in representing the issue of municipal taxes opposite local municipalities.

For a period of five years Mr. Jacob Kuperberg served as Chairman of the Tel Aviv Municipal Taxes Appeals Committee, a tenure during which he amassed vast experience in this topic.

Our firm provides services such as examining municipal tax charges and the handling of the reduction of such charges, including legal services by lawyers specializing in this area.

Our clients include:

Mekorot – The National Water Utility, Petroleum Infrastructures Company Ltd.

Accompanying the “School Self-Management Project”

Our firm has specialized in accompanying and in the assimilation of the “School Self Management System” practiced by the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the local municipalities.

Our services include assistance in the internal organizational “marketing” of the adoption of the project’s concept within the local municipality, courses in business management for school principals, courses in bookkeeping, budgeting and business administration for school secretaries and the accompanying and support of schools in their current bookkeeping and budget-related tasks.

Our clients include: The municipalities of Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Givatayim and Ra’anana.