Business consulting

 Economic Consulting

  • Comprehensive economic analysis
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Valuations
  • Investment feasibility examinations in the establishment and expansion of projects
  • Pricing and profitability analysis by department and product, including the preparation of pricing systems and cost/benefit analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence examinations
  • Preparation of annual budgets and work plans, including budgetary and financial control

Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing plans – local and international – including market studies, competitive analysis,
    product/service positioning and differentiation, analysis of strengths and
    weaknesses (SWOT), marketing strategy, tactics, setting short and long-term goals
  • Actual implementation of marketing plans – establishment of marketing networks, screening,
    recruiting and training a sales force, setting sales goals and budgets, dynamic implementation
    of the marketing plan
  • Business Development program.
  • Corporate and/or product positioning and branding

Business Initiatives

  • Preliminary consulting for entrepreneurs and project profitability analysis
  • Economic analysis, including the preparation of a business plan, business profile, budget
    and cash flows.
  • Professional guidance and apprenticeship for the entrepreneur in the establishment of the
    project and its running-in, while appropriately responding to changing market conditions
    Project management and participation in Board of Directors meetings
  • Assistance in locating investors and/or strategic partners
  • Acquisition and sale of businesses – while representing the investor/seller in the various
    stages of negotiation.
  • Raising financing and/or grants from public entities:
  1. Office of Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry and Trade Bi-national R&D funds grants.
  2. The Investment Center at the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Approved Enterprises)
  3. Fund for the Encouragement of International Marketing
  4. Encouragement and working capital funds under state/public guarantees – for businesses
  5. Investment and venture capital funds
  6. Negotiations with banks regarding the expansion of credit facilities   

Creditor Agreements, Liquidation and Receivership

  • Accompanying businesses facing difficulties and preparation of restructuring plans
  • Negotiations with banks regarding the expansion of credit facilities
  • Guidance in court protection and creditor agreement proceedings (“Chapter 11”)
  • Guidance in liquidation and receivership processes

Business and Non Profit Organizations Recovery Programs

The firm has multidiscipline experience in consulting and executing of recovery programs, along with locating additional funds and improving the bank terms.

Location of Privet, Public and Government Funds  for Businesses 

Our firm has the knowledge of and experience with all the sources for  business supporting:

We have a list of privet investors interested in business opportunities.

Venture capital funds

Governmental grants for R&D projects and approved enterprises

Business encouragement  funds: government guaranteed loans, interest-free loans, “Or” and “Korat” funds.

 Consulting services for enhancing the terms of bank credit to business.

Unique Services

  • Arbitration and mediation services in business disputes, by a team of professional
    arbitrators. Mr. Kuperberg is a permanent mediator in Tel Aviv Regional Court of
  • Analysis and lowering of municipal taxes
  • Analysis of the correctness of bank charges and their reduction